The 5 Best Fixed Gear Wheelset in 2021

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Converting your old bike into a fixed gear one is becoming more and more popular these days.

Probably, people want to feel and remember that old pleasure of riding a fixed bike.

And for biking junkies, it’s a must-try upgrade.

So, I did some research and picked up the five best fixed gear wheelsets.



Keep reading if you would like to learn more about each of these products.

But first. Let’s dive into how to choose the best fixie for you.

The 5 Best Fixed Gear Wheelset

Fixed Gear Wheelset Buying Guide

Many beginning cyclists think that a single speed and fixed gear wheels are the same, but they’re wrong.

Single-speed wheels have a freewheel cog. It means that when you stop pedaling, your rear wheel can spin free when you’re not pedaling. It’s most convenient when you’re biking down a hill, and you can stop pedaling and roll.

The fixed gear wheel has a fixed cog to the hub. So, your wheel hub is always connected to the cog, and when you push your bike, your pedals will spin.

The vital thing to note: most of our reviewed sets can be flipped over and used as a single-speed.

What You Should Look for When Buying a Fixed Gear Wheelset

There are plenty of wheelsets available on the market, but they have different pros and cons. 

To decide which one you need the most. Look at some essential criteria.

Wheel Types

Deep section – this type of wheel is usually used by professional road racing cyclists. It’s the best choice for those who are looking for maximum speed. They use improved aerodynamics to increase speed without exerting extra effort.

Shallow section – these wheels are lightweight and made for fast acceleration and rapid climbing. It’s a perfect choice for those who are cycling on varying terrain. It’s an all-around choice, especially good for a beginner.

Mid-section – it has a perfect balance between weight and aerodynamics. Riding it on the racetrack will give you immense performance and better speed times, while providing the same pleasure in real-world circumstances.


Rim material is one of the most important components you should look at. 

Cheap rim wheelsets are usually made of aluminum, whereas they produce expensive ones from carbon fiber.

Let’s look at the most common rim materials:

Magnesium-Titanium Alloy 

Magnesium is the lightest structural metal and is widely used in the bicycle rim and aerospace manufacturing process. 

Titanium, on the other hand, is the heaviest of the “lightweight” metals, but it’s known for hardness and its high resistance to corrosion and abrasions.

Blending these metals, manufacturers can produce lightweight, tensile, aerodynamic, and long-lasting wheels for bicycles.

Stainless steel wheels

Stainless steel wheels always have a lower price than carbon fiber or magnesium-titanium. These wheels have more disadvantages than advantages.

They’re great for beginners because they don’t rust and are low priced, but they lack the essential properties that any keen rider wants.

These wheels are larger than other products on the market and have poor braking performance in wet conditions. 

Still, they will last for a long time, and maintenance is reasonably straightforward. That’s why many beginners like them.

Carbon fiber

The most significant advantages of carbon fiber are weight and aerodynamics.

With carbon fiber, the rim depth can be much deeper, which significantly improves the aerodynamics. 

Having less weight and better aerodynamics, you'll be able to accelerate faster and maintain high speed while using less energy.

To put some numbers here. A mid-range carbon fiber wheelset can weigh 3.3 pounds without tires, whereas aluminum wheels will weigh around 4.4 pounds per set.

The only downside is the price. An entry-level aluminum wheelset ranges from $300-700 per pair, but the carbon equivalent is $500-1000. This cost rises to more than $1000 if you look at the pro level brands.

Tire type

When looking for the right wheelset, you should not forget that tires are as important as the wheels because they make a massive difference in how you feel the road and your overall performance.

Of course, some wheelsets come already with the tires, but some do not. 

Rocks and pits can quickly damage tires; then, you should look for the right replacement.  

In general, there are three types of tires:

  • Clincher – these tires are the most popular. Almost every bike owner is familiar with them. The tire requires a tube that the rider inflates with air. Choose a high-quality tube to get the best performance. 
  • Tubeless – this type of tire has a similar structure to a clincher, but it doesn’t have a tube. A liquid sealant keeps the tire airtight. Perfect for road traction and riding with low pressure over obstacles
  • Tubular – these tires have a separate tube that is filled with air to hold the tire tight to the rim. They allow riding at a range of pressures and are safer if you get a flat at speed as the glued tire will stay on the rim.


Reviews of the Best Fixed Gear Wheelsets

white wheel

Now you know the essential advantages to look at when buying a fixed gear wheelset. It should now be easier for you to choose the most suitable for you, regardless of whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or a pro track racer.

Our Overview

I have picked TBVECHI 700c 3-spoke as my top choice because of three reasons.

Appearance, price, and versatility. 

If you want an excellent-looking wheelset that will accelerate quickly and is made to last,  then this is your set.

The magnesium-titanium alloy makes this set lightweight, aerodynamic and robust. The material improves acceleration and the feel of the road at high speeds. 

Driving around the city with TBVECHI will draw lots of attention. For me, they look amazing. 

What makes this wheelset even better is the flip-flop feature, enabling you to have either a single-speed or a fixed gear bike.

If your current setup doesn’t have a brake disc, this wheelset perfectly works with the rim brake system.

Although they claim it’s a lightweight set, I have noticed some users reported they weren’t as light as expected.

Note: The wheelset only comes with a fixed sprocket. If you want to experience a single-speed thrill, you will have to buy a freewheeling sprocket as an extra.


  • Flip-flop hub
  • High-quality material
  • Stylish appearance
  • Great durability
  • A great choice for beginners


  • Freewheel not included
  • A bit heavy for casual transporting

Our Overview

It will surprise you how good this set looks and rides for its price range.

They are equipped with Quando 32h x 14g hubs, which makes your ride perfect for flat roads.

What makes this wheelset different is the nylon rim strip. The strip protects your tube from punctures. Few wheelsets have this, especially at this price level.

They also come with a flip-flop feature, but they don't include the coaster hub in the set.

The rims are 700c with 40mm depth. These measurements are one of the most used, so there are plenty of tire choices to fit.

The front wheel weighs only 2lbs and the rear 3lbs. Which is nothing considering they’re made of stainless steel.

Because they are stainless steel, they're very sturdy and long-lasting.

If you decide to try this wheelset, check the packaging when they arrive. A few users reported the packaging was damaged, and the wheels had dents and scratches.

A full 1-year warranty for non-consumables covers this wheelset.


  • Flip-flop rear hub
  • High-quality nylon rim strip for durability
  • Lightweight 
  • Stylish wheelset
  • Great price


  • Poor packaging
  • Braking experience isn’t that great

Our Overview

If you’re looking for a high-performance wheelset that will improve your speed and control, then Superteam has this to offer.

This set will be perfect for those who are serious about cycling at a competitive level.

Superteam has made these for performance and durability, which is why they come at a premium price.

This wheelset is made of t700 carbon fiber-toray. T700 material is tensile, which gives it flexibility. This flexibility lowers the chance of cracking or bending.

Using carbon fiber, manufacturers could reduce the weight to 4.85 lbs per set.

Because of the high speeds you can achieve with this Superteam wheelset, there’s an added brake track of 12-layer carbon with a braking line to improve braking significantly. 

What’s even better, they also include one set of brake pads.

The maximum recommended rider weight is a substantial 265lbs. When looking for tires, keep in mind that the wheel size is 700 x 23c.

Overall, this set is not only high performance but also good-looking. While this wheelset is fantastic, it is geared to the intermediate level user.


  • Made of carbon fiber-toray t700
  • Pass EN quality test
  • Two-year warranty
  • Weighs under 5lbs


  • Not for beginners

Our Overview

These are the perfect carbon built wheels for both beginners and advanced cyclists. 

VCYCLE claims that every wheel is hand-built for maximum durability, stability, and ease of use.

The wheelset is equipped with Novatec track hubs, which are lightweight and sturdy, and will comfortably last for 3-5 years. The front hub weighs a meager 6.6 ounces while the rear is nine ounces.

Being lightweight with great hubs lets you reach high speeds easily, but you need good braking. And there, the VCYCLE Nopea does an outstanding job.

The brakes have improved heat resistance characteristics, which will keep your braking performance first-class at high speeds.

The rim width is 23mm. That improves the feeling of the road and makes for better stability. Moreover, it creates a uniform airflow via the wheel for better aerodynamics.

What makes this wheelset stand out is the Sapim Secure Lock. This feature prevents your spoke nipples from loosening, and the whole mechanism is patented by the VCYCLE brand. 

Admirably, this wheelset comes with a flip-flop hub already in the set. Many other brands sell it as a separate element.


  • Great for beginners and competitors
  • Improved braking performance
  • Secure Lock nipple system
  • Super lightweight
  • Durable Novatec track hubs


  • Pricey
  • According to reviewers, the rear wheel might be imperfectly trued

Our Overview

The last product on my list is a budget-friendly option with some significant benefits for its price.

A stylish 5-spoke wheelset is a perfect choice for street riding. Solomone makes it from a high-quality magnesium alloy. This is superb for stiffness and durability, but it weighs more than the carbon ones.

Although the manufacturer states that it’s a “lightweight” wheelset, many users were disappointed by its heaviness, and riding it for the first few miles was a challenge. But considering its materials and price, it’s a fair balance.

If you like challenges and grinding your way on the street, this set will be a significant upgrade to your bike. 

I don’t recommend this set if you’re planning on using it on an open track. Riding fast, you will be susceptible to side winds, which, while thrilling, are uncomfortable and make the bike unstable.

Like I said before, it’s best for street riding.

Note: the axis is larger than a standard fork dropout for a track.

Overall, this set looks fantastic and will take your resistance training to the next level. Keep in mind with this wheelset that you can choose your desired option. For example, you can buy the front and rear wheels separately, or the whole set.


  • Strong material magnesium alloy
  • Great price
  • Flip-flop hub
  • Perfect choice for beginners
  • Built for street use


  • Too heavy for high speeds
  • Not so well-rounded

Summing Up

blue bike

Upgrading your standard multi-gear bike to a fixed one can be a pleasant experience. 

But you have to decide whether you want it for track or regular street cruising.

If this is your first time upgrading to a fixed gear wheelset, I suggest you try TBVECHI 700c 3-Spoke Wheelset. It’s a simple, lightweight, and reasonably price wheelset, ideal for beginners.

If you have a higher budget and are looking for something to use on the track and the street, then VCYCLE Nopea 700C Carbon Fiber Wheelset is your way to go.

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