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When you’re a big bike enthusiast or have family, you might find yourself with more than one set of wheels. You might also need to make room for kids’ stuff, garden equipment, tools, and cars. How can you fit in a bike, or several, among all the rest of your necessary equipment?

Knowing how to hang bikes in garage is useful for cramped spaces. You can free up floor space, while having your ride at hand for everyday use. It also works wonders when temperatures drop and you need to store your bike for the winter.

But what’s the best way to do it? We’ll go through these questions.

  • What to consider before hanging your bike.
  • Types of systems to store your bike.
  • Hanging a bike with a hook.
  • Hanging a bike with a pulley.
  • What is the best way to hang a bike?
  • Is it OK to hang a bike from the wheel?
  • How do I store multiple bikes in my garage?

What to Consider Before Hanging Your Bike

These are some of the things you need to consider before you buy a system to hang your bike in the garage.


How much room do you have in your garage and how many bikes do you need to store? Do you need a rack for other cycling items, like helmets? If the space is limited, consider a ceiling mount or a pulley system. They keep the floor clean and use every inch of space in your garage in the smartest way possible.

You’ll also need to pick the spot where the bikes will bother you the least. If you have low ceilings, it can be smart to place the rack or hooks in a corner. This way, you won’t have to crouch to move around the garage.


How much does your bike weigh? A light aluminum or carbon fiber road bike won’t need as much support as a sturdy steel bike. Whichever system you pick, you’ll need to make sure it’s tough enough for the weight of the bike or bikes.

Also, make sure your walls or ceiling can take it. Hanging your bike on plasterboard or drywall, for example, can be a hazard.


Do you need your bike hanging system to be easily accessible? Will your kids need to use it to get their bikes down on their own? Or maybe your spouse is petite and you need them to get to their bike easily for their everyday commute.

Make sure your bike mount is the right option for everyone who’ll be using it in the household. Also pay attention to extras. Maybe you want an extra rack to keep helmets or bike tools, for example. This will help you keep everything in place in your garage.


Another important thing to consider is the safety of the system you pick to hang your bike in the garage. Hanging bikes from the ceiling, for example, can be dangerous if you lack the strength to lift your bike off the mount.

Consider locking your bikes. It’s always better to make it just a bit harder to steal your bike, especially if you leave your garage door open.


Consider a bike cover if you’re leaving your bike stored inside for longer periods. Check your bike before you ride to make sure everything is still running smoothly. Especially hanging your bike from the wheels for longer periods may mean you’ll need to true the wheels afterwards.

What Is the Best Way to Hang a Bike?

The best way to hang a bike is upright, by its frame or the seatpost and handlebars.

Hanging bikes upside down is not the best idea, especially if the bike has a hydraulic disk brake system. With these, you might get some air inside the brakes, which may affect their mechanism.

How Do I Store Multiple Bikes in My Garage?

The easiest way to store multiple bikes in a small space is with either a pulley system or with a multi-bike rack. This will save you some space and keep everything organized.

Is It OK to Hang a Bike From the Wheel?

You can hang a bike from the wheel, but it may not be ideal. Depending on the weight of your bike and how long you’re leaving it stored, you might stretch the rim and deform it. The wheel may also go out of true, but it’s easy to fix and true them yourself.

A light aluminum or carbon road bike frame likely won’t do damage to your wheels. Leaving a heavy steel bike hanging from a hook for months on end, on the other hand, might stretch your wheel.

Some bike racks are designed for you to hang your bike by the spokes. This can bend the spokes, so you need to be careful.

Types of Systems to Store Your Bike

These are some of the most common types of mounts for hanging your bike in a garage.

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts can either be racks to hang your bike by the wheel or by the frame. They can consist of a simple mount to hang one or two bikes horizontally or vertically, or a rack with hooks for several bikes. You may even find an adjustable one for different types of bikes, or make a DIY version.

Ceiling Mounts

You can use simple, vinyl-covered storage hooks for a wall or a ceiling. Just remember that the ceiling needs to be tough enough to support your bike.

Pulley Systems

If you have a high ceiling in your garage and prioritize space, you can hang your bike with a pulley system. They’re also a good alternative if your bike is heavy and you lack the strength to lift it over your head.

Floor Racks

If you’re not sure about hanging your bike but you want a bit more order in your garage, you can buy a freestanding rack to keep many bikes organized. These are not as good for saving space as hanging a bike, but they’re more kid-friendly.

How to Hang Your Bike

Follow these instructions to hang your bike on the wall or ceiling of your garage.

Hanging a Bike With a Hook

If you’ve chosen a storage hook, here’s how to install it.

1. Find the Right Spot

Pick the place in your garage for your bike rack, hook or pulley. Make sure the spot has enough space to hang a bike.

Especially if you’re using ceiling hooks, pick the spot where you have a beam or a joist. You’ll recognize it by tapping on the ceiling. Spots with drywall sound hollow, while a beam feels and sounds firm. If you’re not sure, you can also use a stud sensor to find the right place.

Another option for drywall is using toggle lock anchors that keep your screws in place.

2. Drill a Hole

Find your electric drill and pick a drill bit that’s slightly smaller than the screws or hooks you’re going to use. Drill a hole in the ceiling or wall, keeping the drill as straight as possible.

3. Insert the Hook

You can screw on the bike hook with your hands by twisting it clockwise and pushing toward the wall. You’ll need to use a bit of force, but it likely just means the hole is tight enough. Twist the hook until it doesn’t move anymore.

You can hang your bike from just one hook or repeat the process for extra support. If you need to hang multiple bikes, make sure to leave enough distance between the hooks.

Pro tip: Pick vinyl-covered storage hooks instead of metal ones to avoid scratching your rims.

Hanging a Bike With a Pulley

A pulley or hoist system is trickier to install, but it’s a great space saver. Here’s how to install it.

1. Buy a Pulley Kit

Bike hoist kits are inexpensive and you can easily find them in bike shops or online, so your best bet is buying everything as a bundle. That way you’ll ensure you have all the screws, mounts and rope you need for hanging a bike.

2. Pick the Spot

Find the right spot for hanging your bike. You’ll need room in the ceiling for both pulley brackets, and some empty wall next to it for the hook that holds the rope. Make sure you drill the holes on a ceiling joist or beam instead of drywall.

3. Install the Brackets

Drill the holes to attach the first bracket to the ceiling. Measure the distance between your bike’s saddle and the handlebars. Use that as your measurement between the first and second bracket.

4. Pass the Rope

Pass the cord through the brackets and hooks on both sides. Attach the wall mount for your rope—and make sure you have enough cord to reach it! If you have small children, you might want to place the wall hook high enough so they can’t reach it.

5. Hang the Bike

Place the hooks under the handlebars and the saddle of your bike, and check that it’s secure. Pull from the rope until the bike is at the ceiling, and tie the rope on the hook.

Pro tip: It’s best to pull the rope at a 45-degree angle instead of straight down. This makes it easier for you to pull, and you won’t damage the system.

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Bottom Line

When you’re looking for the best way for how to hang bikes in garage, remember to pick the system that works best for your space. It also needs to be accessible to everybody who uses their bike.

Hanging bikes in your garage doesn’t take a lot of money, and you can invent many DIY solutions. The important part is finding the right place in your wall or ceiling that can take the weight.

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