About Pedal Lovers

Pedal Lovers is built on a passion for cycling. We aim to enlighten like-minded women about the world of two wheels and encourage them to take the necessary steps for self-improvement.

How It All Started

If I were to tell people that I used to be overweight, they’d never believe me. But it’s true. Several years ago, I was a different person. Like many others, I’ve tried it all—dieting, supplements and all sorts of crazy workout programs. Nothing worked.


I was nearing giving up, until one day, I lost a bet to a friend. Long story short, my forfeit was to ride her bike for a couple of laps around the block. Sure, I could barely catch my breath, but it triggered something in me. 


Since that day, I made a conscious effort to turn cycling into a habit. Soon, I became a serious enthusiast, learned about the sport and its health benefits. I even entered numerous sportives, century rides and the odd time trial. The pounds melted off, and I felt like a new person.


This is a passion that I couldn’t contain and simply had to share with the world. The thought of em-pedal-powering others to hop on this journey with me is a thing of beauty and excitement. 

And so, Pedal Lovers was born!

Our Mission

So many of us are misinformed about health and fitness. This isn’t surprising. Since the explosion of interest in healthy living, many businesses took advantage of this new phenomenon. What sets us apart is our passion and ability to connect. This all started with a genuine love for what we do.


Our mission is to provide women who ride with well-researched and factual information. It’s essential to us that you’re well-informed about big lifestyle changes. Knowledge is power, and this power will allow you to take control of your life. While making sure we have fun along the way.


The Pedal Lovers team is motivated and reliable. And we’re very excited about informing people who need a trustworthy source and help to transform those who need a little nudge.

Patricia Johnson - Our Founder

Patricia Johnson with bike helmet

Patricia started her fitness journey after falling in love with cycling while still residing in Australia. As Pedal Lovers took off, she moved to the US. Now, she’s a renowned blogger for all things cycling, a trainer and simply loves the life of two-wheels. 


Her main goal is to create that community spirit to help other women achieve the results that she knows is possible.

Our Editorial Team

Patricia Johnson at desk

Patricia Johnson - Editor in Cheif

Patricia is our Founder and Editor in Cheif. She shares her love of cycling and expert knowledge though her blog articles.

Jenny Abouobaia

Jenny Abouobaia - Author

Jenny is a certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist and shares with us the health and fitness benefits of cycling.